Living in Philadelphia for 3 1/2 years was awesome. Lots of exciting life changes occurred there: adjusting from living with my best girlfriends to making a home with my long-time boyfriend, gaining adult responsibilities, snagging my first big-girl job as an art director, starting my own company, and becoming a caregiver to my adopted pooch, Ruby. Philadelphia provided me with much more than just brotherly love and cheesesteaks. However born and raised in NY, it was time to return to my home state. I guess when you grow up so close to the best city in the world, it’s hard to stay away. So a few months ago, we packed up our little 550 sq. ft. apartment in Old City and U-Hauled it up to NY. Now officially moved into our own space again Dan, Ruby and I are happily residing in Sunnyside, Queens – one of the most overlooked, understated, and friendliest neighborhoods in the metro area. It’s an exciting time, and being only 15 minutes to mid-town Manhattan there’s going to be a lot of catching up to do in my favorite city!

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