Art Direction


LCC is the largest independent telecommunications company in the world. Operating for just under 30 years and in 50 countries, they are the leader in consulting and network services in their industry. They’re cutting-edge and innovative, so naturally, they wanted their company website to mirror this.


To many, KIWI had become a forgotten all-American brand. Those who are familiar with the name most often think of their iconic tin can, which contains the strongest, long-lasting shoe polish around. When we were pitching this brand, we took the opportunity to interview the people who knew the product best: shoe shiners. Having used the product ourselves, it wasn’t surprising to us to learn that all the professional shoe shiners in NYC, Philadelphia and beyond still use KIWI over any other brand out there. It was clear that KIWI still has a strong hold in the shoe care industry. So when it came to advertising some of their “newer” products it was important to campaign them with the same amount of gusto that was held by the passionate shoe shiners.
Storyboard sketches by Scrappy Dog; Photography by Philip Rostron of Instil Productions.

Comcast Sportsnet

Billboard concepts for Philadelphia’s Comcast Sportsnet.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

When ABC’S “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” came to Wilmington, DE, everyone was excited to be a part of the action. Fortunately, while freelancing for essentia creative, I was able to contribute to the designs created for the show. Designed graphics were for the bedroom of Antonio, the eldest son of a Wilmington family featured on the show.

Barclays Bank

Design for Barclays Bank, who wanted to give their US Cardholder division site a facelift.

Mark Twain House & Museum

The Mark Twain House & Museum was in need of a total website overhaul. The organization wanted to showcase their three main entities: The House, The Museum, and of course, Mark Twain himself. They wanted the new site to have a modern feel, while still giving a nod to the time in which Twain lived and wrote his famous novels. In addition to the main site, a new online store was designed to allow the frequenting visitors and guests to purchase some of their favorite novels and memorabilia. Since the team at Mark Twain House wanted to keep the site updated and relevant to their current events, a backstage CMS system was also designed (as shown in the right screen above).

City of Wilmington

Two identity concepts created for the lower portion of Market Street in Wilmington, DE. Concept A: The “Promenade”, played to the sophistication of the city and booming Market Street area’s daily life of arts and entertainment, nightlife, shopping, eating, and living.
The Final Concept, payed a tribute to the historical aspect of the two biggest markets back in the day, “Crosby” and “Hill”.


Site redesign for Citco, a worldwide group of independent financial companies servicing the the elite hedge funds, private equity and real estate firms, banks, and Global 1000 companies. They also have an extensive collection of historical maps, often on display at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which play a key role in the branding of this company.

Hankin Group

Website redesign for the Hankin Group, one of the leading architectural firms in the eastern Pennsylvania region, to hone in on showcasing their four main specialties: Residential Communities, Commercial Properties, Construction, and Event Venues.

Apollo Health Street

As a leading provider as a healthcare solutions company, Apollo Health Street had a few things in mind to stay on top of their game. Updated website, tradeshow elements, and business cards was a sure way to give to rejuvenate their brand while unifying their national and global offices.

Essentia Creative

As part of a collaborative effort, I was involved in the website concept for Essentia Creative during my time with them as a freelance designer. Essentia Creative is a boutique design firm located in Wilmington, DE.

Iron Andy Foundation

Identity, website and brochure provided for a growing non-profit foundation. The Iron Andy Foundation’s mission is to provide both financial and emotional support for those battling chronic illnesses to allow people the opportunity to live their best life possible.

Kids Tri

Logo, photography, and ads created for “Kids Tri”, a national children’s triathlon competition. AmerisourceBergen’s Good Neighbor Pharmacy joined forces with Lifetime Fitness to sponsor competitions. The event was created to raise awareness of juvenile diabetes and promote healthy, active lifestyles.

Muralo Paint

An independent family-owned paint company was striving to maintain their place among the bigger brands represented by large department stores. Muralo has both the quality and the passion for the painting industry that all painters look for. The new package designs kept them fresh and relevant, while illustrating the paint’s top selling points.


As one of my first web projects, I was involved in the redesign and content flow of the DIRECTV Rewards Visa Card website to promote and reward valued customers.

T.O. Epps & Associates

Logo and website created for one of the leading retail representatives to QVC. T.O. Epps & Associates
is a family-run business with close-knit staff and excellent results.

Dental Ez

DentalEZ is one of the leading manufacturers of dental furniture, lighting and oral equipment in the dental industry. This brochure was for one of their higher-end chairs, Simplicity, the Mercedes Benz of dental chairs. Art direction included concept, directing the photoshoot, and actual design of the brochure.

Shore Memorial Hospital

Mini annual report piece completed for Shore Memorial Medical Center. The doctors and staff of this modern medical center are trained in some of the most advanced technology and are some of the most compassionate individuals around. There’s certainly a level of sophistication Shore Memorial possesses, and that was easy to show through this simplistic and elegant design.