KIWI in Communication Arts

For any of you that are subscribed, I’m happy to say that the KIWI campaign I worked on just got into the Communication Arts Advertising Annual. Out of 4,793 submissions, ours was one of the 141 winning projects.

Donn Koh Studio

Although I’m an avid apple user, when it comes to my mobile needs the HTC Evo totally won me over. One of the things I love the most about it is the hardware design designed by Donn Koh. I’ve always been fascinated by industrial design and the way it is able to transform the way people use and feel about products, so it was really cool to see the mind behind the design of the phone I use everyday. Among the Evo, Koh has designed an wide array of very successful (and smart!) products, and one of my favs is the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse shown above.

Philly Ad News

When the Philly Ad Club decided to feature Hanlon Creative in their Philly Ad News magazine, it gave us a reason to finally do what had been on everyone’s mind – an agency portrait. The Hanlon crew is known to be a tight-knit group, whether it’s throwing darts between concepting sessions in the office, chilling at the local bar for happy hour, or relaxing in the sun in Ocean City, we were all on board with the idea of doing a family-style portrait of the gang. Sadly, two of our most beloved members couldn’t make the shoot: Pica and Pixel, the office turtles. (Photography by Stuart Goldenberg)


Living in Philadelphia for 3 1/2 years was awesome. Lots of exciting life changes occurred there: adjusting from living with my best girlfriends to making a home with my long-time boyfriend, gaining adult responsibilities, snagging my first big-girl job as an art director, starting my own company, and becoming a caregiver to my adopted pooch, Ruby. Philadelphia provided me with much more than just brotherly love and cheesesteaks. However born and raised in NY, it was time to return to my home state. I guess when you grow up so close to the best city in the world, it’s hard to stay away. So a few months ago, we packed up our little 550 sq. ft. apartment in Old City and U-Hauled it up to NY. Now officially moved into our own space again Dan, Ruby and I are happily residing in Sunnyside, Queens – one of the most overlooked, understated, and friendliest neighborhoods in the metro area. It’s an exciting time, and being only 15 minutes to mid-town Manhattan there’s going to be a lot of catching up to do in my favorite city!

Design*Sponge Interview

Design*Sponge is one of my favorite sites that I refer to on a weekly basis. It has great DIY’s tips and tricks for creating crafts, furniture, and a overall simplified design in living and workspaces; inspiring interviews; and just interesting “what’s going on” in the home and space design world. Debbie Millman of Sterling Brands recently did an interviewed with Grace Bonney, creator of Design*Sponge. So cool to hear the voice behind the site :)

Getting Noticed

So some exciting things have been going on with Hanlon Creative recently. Last year I traveled to Toronto with my CD to shoot a new campaign for KIWI. We were pumped about our concept and were thrilled when Philip Rostron, the mastermind behind Instil Studios, loved it too. The shoots had a lot of moving parts to it – building and staining a front porch, designing a dense forest, styling a spa, and deciding over military guns – and it was great to all see it come together nicely. It was even better when we won some awards at the Philadelphia Addys and were published in Archive. To see the entire campaign, click here.

“Designing Brand Identity” by Alina Wheeler

Over three years ago, back when my friend Noelle and I were first starting Femina Photo + Design, a designer friend Alina Wheeler was in the middle of revising her newest edition of her book, “Designing Brand Identity”. Alina had seen our newly launched site branded in black and white equipped with our 5-month-old logo. She liked the logo so much she asked to use it in her book when the newest edition was released. The logo’s favicon is featured on the cover, which at the time – just having graduated college with nothing to show except my expensive art degree and a few “big checks” from a couple of freelance gigs – was really exciting for me. And to be honest, still makes me smile. Her book is a fantastic guide to building a strong brand identity and a must-have for graphic designers everywhere.

WPPI 2011

Aside from my full-time art director duties, my other passion (and “baby”) has been growing my photography and design business,
Femina Photo + Design. This year, my business partner and long-time friend, Noelle, zipped up our over-packed suitcases (of shoes, no doubt) and headed to Las Vegas for the annual WPPI Conference. WPPI is the largest international conference that all wedding and portrait photographers near and far pencil in their calendars during the month of February, which is typically the “off-season” for weddings.
After a week of platform seminars from some of the best, internationally-recognized photographers, my brain was fried with inspiration.
Now that it’s a few weeks later, I plan on revisiting my 8+ pages of notes to get re-inspired, re-motivated, and to jump-start some of the many ideas we had come up with during our time in Sin City. There’s going to be some exciting new things going on with the girls of Femina. Check out
our blog to stay tuned and see what we’ve been up to!

Black + White Photography

I’m really loving these black and white’s from Ellen Von Unwerth. The images have a graphic feel with a ton of texture and detail. Makes me want to experiment with some new editing styles when it comes to my boudoir work with Femina Photo + Design.

What Your Email Address Says About You

Wanna know what your email address says about you? Click here. It’s dead on – my mom is totally the “yahoo” one.

My Dream Workspace

A great little image I stumbled on while searching for stock on Veer.

Evolution of Type

Awesome type poster design about the evolution of type. Great for your mom, grandma, or anyone else who knows jack about type. Found here.

2011 Calendar

I purchased the 2010 Calendar last year from Silnt, and it’s really a nice, simple way to show the year. As stated on their site, it also acts as a good way to countdown to project deadlines and different events.

Bring Colour to Life

Gap’s Back

Thanks to the millions voicing their opinions about their new logo on Twitter and Facebook, Gap has decided to revert back to their iconic, 20-somethin’ year old identity… the blue square. Read more about Gap’s decision to return to the old logo by clicking here.

Awesome Illustration

Crazy good illustration by Russ Mills out of England. There’s something really cool about his violent style of “calm chaos.”

Ruby Loves the Giants

I recently moved back to NY a few weeks ago and although my pup Ruby was born and raised in Philadelphia as an Eagles fan, we quickly got her on the Giants bandwagon. She wore her cute bandana on Sunday and was very excited when her new team won!

Support Charlene Maloney

I met Charlene last winter when I was shooting a boudoir party through Femina Photo + Design. As you can see, she is gorgeous, but she really is beautiful inside and out. Shortly after the shoot, Char was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. As one can imagine, her medical bills are soaring, many of which will not be covered by her insurance. If you would like to help support Char’s fight against this deadly disease, visit this dedicated Facebook page or contact me through my Femina email and I will be sure to pass on contributions.

Grandma & Grandpa Learn to Skype

Recently my mom got a new laptop, and of course nowadays these things have cameras on them. So when my grandparents were over for a typical Sunday dinner, my mom thought they would get a kick out talking to their granddaughter ON THE COMPUTER!! Here are some shots of Granny and Grandpa trying to figure out how it was all working along with their beaming smilings when I started waving and talking to them.
Granny: “This is woooonderful!”
Grandpa: “It’s better then television!!”


A while back I started a document in InDesign with nothing but ampersands and I frequently refer to this document whenever I’m in search of the “perfect” ampersand for a specific project. That’s why I was excited when I found 300&65, a website designated soley to providing an “ampersand of the day”.

Typographic Mustaches

Here’s a great poster of typographic mustaches designed by a girl named Tor and is available for purchase here.

Updated Girl Scouts Identity

I’m loving this update to the the Girl Scouts of America identity. Originally designed by the legendary Saul Bass, Original Champions of Design made a few subtle tweaks to the mark to modernize it a bit with today’s girls. The youthful modifications included simplifying the neck, adding bangs, and perking up the lips and nose. The nicest tweak was to the bottom of the logo where it is now slightly pointed. Click here to see more of the identity’s updates.

West Elm Redesign

West Elm is one of my favorite home furnishing stores. Their aesthetic of clean, modern and simplistic design is everything I look for (and try to live by) in designing and furnishing a home.

That being said, I have to admit I was really bummed when I saw their updated logo and redesign of their homepage and email blasts. The main beef I have with it is the typeface that was chosen for the main navigation links. The original typeface that was
DIN, a much cleaner and sophisticated, which fit much better within their brand.