Kids Tri

Logo, photography, and ads created for “Kids Tri”, a national children’s triathlon competition. AmerisourceBergen’s Good Neighbor Pharmacy joined forces with Lifetime Fitness to sponsor competitions. The event was created to raise awareness of juvenile diabetes and promote healthy, active lifestyles.

Hanlon Creative

Quickly after I joined the team at Hanlon Creative, we dove into the redesign of our website. Like many creative agencies, we were progressing quickly from our previous site, body of work, and overall mindset. Showcasing and profile each member of the Hanlon team became a special part of our site, creating a more personal experience. Here’s the lineup starting from the top, then moving left to right:
Janet Hanlon (bookeeper)  •  Brian Loper (art director)  •  Adam Garmin (programmer)  •  Chris Hanlon (Principal, Creative Director)  •  Diane Zerr (art director)  •  Tim Hutchinson (account manager)  •  Andrew Hanlon (Principal, Sales)  •  Jesse Bender (sales)  •  Me (art director)

Hobbs & Towne

Hobbs & Towne is an environmental executive searching and placement agency for the world’s top companies involved in keeping the world clean and “green”. Headshots for the company were taken for display on their new website (coming soon!) as well as their social media outlets.

Old City Antiques

Photoshoot for an antique and vintage shop, More than Old, located in Old City, Philadelphia. Objects ranged from hand-blown glass pieces, crystal chandeliers, fine vintage china, and antique wood furniture.

Kessler Calendar 2010

Photography and Art Direction for the 2010 Kessler Calendar. Kessler Rehabilitation Center is New Jersey’s leading provider of comprehensive rehabilitative care, and #2 in the nation. The patients were showcased this year along with their inspiring stories.